Cracker Barrel Christmas Menu 2022 Dinner Prices - Catering Arte Moderna (2023)

As the days go by, Christmas is approaching. What could be better than gathering all your loved ones for a special dinner?

Add to that the conviviality, the decoration and of course the food. Nothing beats the holiday spirit...but Cracker Barrel will try!

IsCracker Barrel DealsFantastic deals for families trying to effortlessly enjoy delicious Christmas meals.

The holiday catering card offersits signature hamand tasty ribs.the Christmas menuIt has all kinds of food for every family member.

Just put the received food in the oven for about 3 hours and it's ready to eat! However, it is up to you how you want to organize the service and decoration of the dinner.

cookieBarrel has two typesof menus that you must take into account. First we have the Fiesta which is made for large families or groups of people: 8-10 to be exact.

The next option is the family dinnerthat feeds fourto six people.

There are a total of 3 different menus and onespecial dessertis offering this restaurant during their Christmas special.

Two of the menus are called Ham Heat & Serve (for 8-10 people or 4-6 people); Being highly suggestive, his main course is a whole ham (cured with sugar).

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The third menu is called the Prime Rib Heat & Serve Family Dinner and is only for 4-6 (but don't worry, you can order two!).

For the ham menu (festive) you should also know thatget something awesomeSide dishes like: gravy, the hearty cornbread dip, a great cranberry relish, classic favorite macaroni and cheese, and some sweet yeast rolls.

The Prime Rib Heat & Serve Family Dinner includes sides such as roasted mashed potatoes and gravy, horseradish sauce, your choice of 2 leafy greens and sweet yeast buns.

the sweet freshBaked Christmas EmpanadasThey are there for everyone who wants something delicate next to the Christmas tree.

Cracker Barrel ofrece Apple Streusel Pie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Pecan Pie y Cinnamon Roll Pie.

If their menus caught your eye and you want to get them for your Christmas dinner, keep that in mindare only presentfor collection and should be between 20.12. and 27.12. order.

Please note that the food must be used within 72 hours.

The Cracker Barrel also has a great discount for you! You can request a free bonus card to be applied to your Christmas menus.

to get thisComplimentary bonus card, menus must be scheduled early for pickup on certain dates. To learn more, visit the official website.

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Table of contents

Cracker Barrel Christmas Offers

heat and serve
Schinkenfest (21. Dec. to 28. Dec.)8-1020950159,99 $
Family dinner with ham (Dic 21 to Dic 28)4-614210109,99 $
Prime Rib Family Dinner (December 21-28)4-610890124,99 $
Tart: cinnamon roll10334012,99 $
Pecan Pie (Chocolate Pie) (October 25-December 24)10460012,49 $
Walnut Cake (October 25th to December 24th)10402012,49 $

A la carte festive accompaniments

heat and serve
Prime Rib (December 21 to December 28)507094,99 $
Loaded Hashbrown Casserole (November 19th to December 28th)8-10445029,99 $
Loaded Hashbrown Casserole (November 19th to December 28th)4-6228020,99 $
Mashed potatoes4-6155012,99 $
Mashed potatoes8-10309019,99 $
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (November 19 - December 28)8-10457024,99 $
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (November 19 - December 28)4-6228017,99 $
Toasted Sauce (December 21 - December 28)7306,99 $
Sweet Potato Casserole (November 19th to December 28th)8-10309019,99 $
Sweet Potato Casserole (November 19th to December 28th)4-6154012,99 $
Macaroni and Cheese (November 19th to December 28th)4-6178012,99 $
Macaroni and Cheese (November 19th to December 28th)8-10356019,99 $
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (December 21-28)8-10383019,99 $
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (December 21-28)4-6191012,99 $
Green Beans (November 19th to December 28th)8-1050019,99 $
Green Beans (November 19th to December 28th)4-625012,99 $
Carrots (November 19th to December 28th)4-648012,99 $
Carrots (November 19th to December 28th)8-1096019,99 $
Cornbread Dip (November 19th to December 28th)8-10178019,99 $
Cornbread Dip (November 19th to December 28th)4-689012,99 $
Baked apple (from November 19th to December 28th)8-10206019,99 $
Baked apple (from November 19th to December 28th)4-6103012,99 $
smoker(November 19th to December 28th)
Sugar cured ham672069,99 $
Landscapes595069,99 $
Sweet yeast rolls (November 19 - December 28)35407,99 $
Tart (apple crumble)10435012,49 $
Sweet Blueberry Relish (November 19 - December 28)2705,49 $

holiday deserts

Coca-Cola Cake (Double Chocolate Fudge)7904,49 $
peach cobbler4904,49 $
pumpkin4504,49 $
Apfelstreusel7204,49 $
cinnamon roll5604,79 $
Chocolate Nuts7704,49 $
Pacana6704,49 $
whole cake
cinnamon roll334012,99 $
Pacana402012,49 $
pumpkin270012,49 $
Chocolate Nuts460012,49 $
STREUSEL435012,49 $


Milk Chocolate Bar (Hershey)2,49 $
Milk Chocolate Almond Bars (Hershey)2,49 $
Walnuss-Trunk (3 oz)2,79 $
Walnuss-Trunk (7 oz)4,99 $
Chocolate Mooncake (2.75 oz)6,99 $

Start and end dates of the vacation service

of course allI need to knowWhen you can order these menus. You can find one belowTable with appointmentsFor each meal, please note that appointments are held while supplies last.

festive dinnerStartFence
Ham (to heat and serve) Christmas party20.12.202227.12.2022
Ham (heat and serve) Holiday Family Dinner20.12.202227.12.2022
Cena's well-known Prime Rib Heat & Serve20.12.202227.12.2022

how to order

you can bookOr order your meals from the catering service – upscale Christmas menu.

After the selectionwhat type of menu you would like to receive, you will be taken to a special tab where you can select your local location/restaurant.

After choosing your pickup location, add your account and wait for the order to be processed.

Christmas holiday items overview

Christmas at Cracker Barrel will be something specialwith its amazingmenus Order easily and receive them in no time!

Take a look at the following dishes that the restaurant offers, each meal is well thought out

01. Ham Banquet (Heat and Serve)

The pièce de résistance, whole Serrano ham, is the best dish.

Along with this tasty ham, you can get the signature cornbread dip paired with two country side dishes and a gravy.

The last dish brings the whole family together for apple and pecan pie and sweet yeast buns. This dish is suitable for 8 to 10 people.

02. Ham (to heat and serve) family dinner

This meal is differentof the party typefrom the menu. HeFamily dinner with ham(Heat & Serve) feeds 4 to 6 people.

In addition to the modified portions, this menu includes cranberry sauce andonly one possibilityhis subject. You can make yeast rolls (sweet) and macaroni and cheese for dessert.

03. Cena Prime Rib (Heat & Serve Familia)

This menu is for people who love ribs! A menu for 4 to 6 people, this main course comes with horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes, grilled gravy and your choice of 2 country dishes.

For dessert there is only one option, but a good one nonetheless: yeast rolls (sweet).

04. Freshly baked Christmas cake

If youI would addFor dessert, Cracker Barrel offers a special cake menu.

In exchange, you get apple pie, pecan pie, chocolate pecan pie, and a cinnamon roll pie.

Cracker Barrel Christmas Menu 2022 Dinner Prices - Catering Arte Moderna (2)

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people are looking too

What are the sides of Cracker Barrel?

This restaurant offers side dishes like french fries casserole, mashed potatoes, cornbread dip, french fries, meatballs, carrots and more.

How many servings does each type of food have?

For the Ham (Heat & Serve) Feast, they served up to 10 people; for the Ham Family Dinner (Heat & Serve) and the Prime Rib Heat & Serve Family Dinner for four to six people.

How is the served food prepared?

Alreceiving the food, you should heat them in the oven for about 3 hours. You can keep the food in the fridge and reheat it later, but don't let it steep for more than 72 hours.

What dates are available for picking up the Christmas menus?

Available pickup times are between 12:20pm and 12:27pm. Please plan to order in advance and also consider pre-orders.

How long can the distance between the arrival of the food and the consumption be?

As mentioned above, the groceries must be used within 72 hours of collection. You can keep the food in the fridge during this time.

last words

Cracker Barrel's Christmas menu should be on everyone's lips.

They offer effortless dining and do a great job with their delicious dishes, variety of side dishes, and amazing desserts.

These Christmas menus also offereveryone a little morespecial time with your loved ones.

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