Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with Prices and Reviews (2023)

A relaxing way to enjoy the holidays is Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving dinner menu, which serves families of 4 to 10 people. Prices and hours vary from place to place. The brand also offers complete catering services.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with Prices and Reviews (1)

Cracker Barrel Affordable Thanksgiving Meal

People want to celebrate special events with loved ones, but are worried about pandemics. Cracker Barrel makes sure you enjoy Thanksgiving and other occasions as normal.

Order take-out food ahead of time or visit the southern-style restaurant. Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving dinner menu appeals to those looking to enjoy traditional food in a modern way.

You don't have to cook at home and take on a lot of stress because prepared meals are here for you. Cracker Barrel was developed in Lebanon in 1969 and now operates in 45 states in America. It also has 660 country-style shops as well as restaurants.

Cracker Barrel to close stores in 2023:...

Cracker Barrel Stores will close in 2023: the next plans of this company

(Video) The Best & Worst Chain Restaurant Thanksgiving Dinners

Thanksgiving meals are from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. m. to 9:00 p.m. m., but may vary by region. You can visit the restaurant or order online. The restaurant also offers a mobile app that you can use to pay.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

The restaurant is famous for its Thanksgiving menu, which includes a Heat n Serve dinner for just $95. This menu is enough for a family of 4 to 6 or even more people. It contains frozen food and is reheated by the restaurant when necessary.

This is Cracker Barrel's Best Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with grilled turkey breast and turkey gravy, sweet potato casserole, cornbread, cranberry relish, garnishes, and sides like sweet buns. Once you order this meal, it will be ready within 1 1/2 to two hours.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner with Prizes 2022

The restaurant also offers complete catering services with meals adapted to the client's needs. You can serve a lot of guests at Thanksgiving if you orderCrackerfass-Catering. The mark ensures clean items so you don't have to worry.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner Item

The price of each menu varies, such as the Heat n Serve Feast, which is $145. The banquet is suitable for eight to ten people, making it ideal for a large family. It includes cold meals, hence the name Heat n Serve.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with Prices and Reviews (2)

I would enjoy two grilled turkey breasts, turkey gravy, cornbread dressing, sweet potato pecan casserole, cranberry relish. Additionally, the menu also has two sides, including country buns and pumpkin pie. The restaurant takes 1 1/2 to two hours to prepare the meals.

You can also order a la carte, which includes regular turkey for six. There is also a variety of garnishes and cakes, including cinnamon cakes.

Those who do not wish to dine out can take advantage of the Heat n Serve party, which should take place before the event, e.g. B 22 to 23rdNovember. Cracker Barrel is also offering a $10 gift card for pickup orders.

biscuit barrel Heat and Serve a Family Take-Out Meal During the Holidays

Your Thanksgiving dinner will be ready in less than two hours! His method of cooking, cooling and heating his dishes ensures that they come out perfect.

The Thanksgiving menu includes,

  • Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie
  • turkey gravy
  • sweet yeast buns
  • cranberry seasoning
  • Maisbrot-Dressing
  • Choice of 3 Country Sides (each serves 10)
  • Two oven roasted turkey breasts

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner Freshly Baked Pies

a sweet gift
No matter the season, you can always find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Let yourself be inspired by our variety and choose between:

  • Apple and Walnut Crumble Tart
  • Pumpkin cake
  • walnut showers
  • American apple pie (no sugar added)
  • Chocolate Walnut Tart

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Homemade Turkey Meal to Go

Here are the ingredients for a great Turkey Day dinner! All you need to make this delicious turkey is a few guests and cranberry sauce.

(Video) How does Cracker Barrel's Heat n' Serve Meal work? Find out how to streamline holiday meals!

  • bread rolls
  • turkey gravy
  • cranberry seasoning
  • turkey and dressing
  • macaroni and cheese
  • Smoked ham flavor with sugar
  • Country Green Beans
  • Your choice of mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole*

Besonderes Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner

Cracker Barrel's classic turkey and dressing platter is available for those who want a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

The restaurant is open on public holidays and guests can enjoy their food from 11 am. m. with an order of turkey and cranberry sauce or dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy on the side.

  • Delicious piece of pumpkin pie
  • salsa
  • Buttermilk cookies or corn muffins
  • cranberry seasoning
  • turkey and dressing
  • Selection of refillable drinks*
  • Cured ham tasting
  • choice of landscape
  • Sweet Potato Casserole with Walnuts

Plus Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

We've rounded up some of the most popular dishes from around the country, ranging in price from $50 to $200, for you to enjoy at your Thanksgiving table.

We hope this article helps you with tips on how to spend quality time with your family! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Costco Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Boston Market Thanksgiving Menu
  • Bob Evans Thanksgiving Menu
  • Publix Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at Hyvee
  • Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Walmart Kosten misses Thanksgiving dinner

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Menu During the Holidays

Cracker Barrel's Christmas menu is available in advance so you can kick back and relax over the holidays. However, prices may change depending on the location. You will also find theThanksgivingMenu via QR code.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with Prices and Reviews (3)

The brand decorates its space according to the event and also sells decoration items in its store. Cracker Barrel Christmas Meals 2022 includes various rewards and gift cards with no blackout dates.

The restaurant also offers roadside dining, where guests can sit in the car. This service is essential to avoid crowds in the restaurant. Guests are required to wear masks and follow all precautions regarding the pandemic.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner

Cracker Barrel is pleased to offer catering for Thanksgiving dinner. Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving Feast includes all the traditional favorites, like roast turkey and honey glazed ham, as well as a selection of Cracker Barrel-exclusive garnishes.

Cracker Barrel also received a special holiday dessert, Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream. And to make your Thanksgiving dinner even more convenient, they can have it delivered right to your door.

So why spend hours in the kitchen when you can kick back and enjoy quality time with family and friends? Let Cracker Barrel host your Thanksgiving this year!

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner Serves up to 10

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving food is cold and ready to heat, and will be out of the oven and on the table in 2 hours or less.

catered dinner included,


  • Two oven roasted turkey breasts
  • Maisbrot-Dressing
  • turkey gravy
  • cranberry seasoning
  • Choice of 3 Country Sides (each serves 10)
  • sweet yeast buns
  • Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie

Cracker Barrel has a limited supply of these items, so don't wait! Pick up your order today and have it delivered before the next delivery arrives.

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

  • Pumpkin Pie (Available from 28.10. to 12.1. while stocks last)
  • Chocolate Walnut Tart
  • walnut showers
  • Apple and Walnut Crumble Tart
  • American apple pie (no sugar added)

Cakes are available now through the 24th, so get your cake! You can find them in the store or order them online.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Menu Reviews

Cracker Barrel has long been known for its simple cooking, and the Thanksgiving dinner menu is no exception. The turkey is roasted to perfection and the stuffing is flavorful and flavorful.

The green beans cook just like Grandma did, and the mashed potatoes are creamy and delicious.

Of course, no Thanksgiving celebration would be complete without a slice of pumpkin pie, and Cracker Barrel's Pie is sure to please. In short, Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving dinner menu has something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a traditional holiday meal or something a little different, Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving dinner menu is sure to leave you full and wanting more.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 FAQ

Is Cracker Barrel open on Thanksgiving?

Yeah! On Thanksgiving, enjoy a traditional turkey meal at Cracker Barrel. For just $14, you can choose between the Homemade Turkey Meal with Dressing or Country Green Beans with Sweet Potato Casserole topped with Pecans and Cranberry Relish for just $16 (dinner).

When can I pick up my Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner order?

1.Das Heat n’ Serve Holiday Family Meal To-Go ist vom 17.11. – 25.11. abholbereit
2.Food comes with instructions to refrigerate until ready to heat and must be used within 72 hours of collection.
3.The Homestyle Turkey n' Dressing Family Meal To-Go is also available during the same period.
4.Holiday cakes are usually from 29.10. – 26.12. Available, Pumpkin Pie but only while stocks last from 17.11. – 25.11.

(Video) Cracker Barrel Turkey and Dressing Thanksgiving dinner review

What does the 2022 Homemade Turkey Dinner include?

2. Serrano ham flavor
3. Dress Maisbrot
4. Salsa
5. Cranberry Relish
6. Choice of 3 landscapes
7. Selection of bread

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  • Costco Food Court Menupreise
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  • Costco Party Plates 2022
Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with Prices and Reviews (4)

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What is Cracker Barrel offering for Thanksgiving? ›

For others, the Thanksgiving Heat n' Serve Family Dinner makes the perfect meal for gatherings of 4-6, including the same favorites of the Heat n' Serve Feast like oven-roasted turkey breast with turkey gravy, sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, cranberry relish, choice of side and sweet yeast rolls.

How much is Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel? ›

Cost: $89.99

21-22 to receive a $5 bonus card for a Thanksgiving Dinner or a $10 bonus card for a Thanksgiving Feast. Orders must be placed in-store, online at, or on the Cracker Barrel app.

What is the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year? ›

Thanksgiving dinner will cost more in 2022

The average cost of this year's classic Thanksgiving feast for 10 will cost about $64.05 or less than $6.50 per person. This is a $10.74 or 20% increase from last year's average of $53.31.

Does Cracker Barrel serve normal food on Thanksgiving? ›

Cracker Barrel is open regular business hours Thanksgiving Day and serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal beginning at 11 am.

Can you make Thanksgiving reservations at Cracker Barrel? ›

Do I Need To Make A Reservation? Although Cracker Barrel does not accept reservations, the restaurant has an online waitlist to make your experience as seamless as possible on Thanksgiving (and any other day).

How do you warm up and serve Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel? ›

Serve within 72 hours of pick-up. Please read before reheating: Keep food refrigerated until ready to reheat. Remove each side from container and place in an oven safe dish. For food safety, reheat all sides to an internal temperature of 165°F.

When to order Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving? ›

Don't worry, Cracker Barrel is open regular business hours on Thanksgiving Day and will start serving patrons a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at 11 a.m. The company's website recommends joining the online waitlist the day of to lessen any wait times.

How much does a 10 person Thanksgiving meal cost? ›

In its 37th annual survey, AFBF pegged the average cost of a Thanksgiving feast for 10 people at $64.05, up $10.74 from $53.31 in 2021. The 20% surge came atop a 14% uptick last year, when food-at-home price inflation began to escalate.

What day is turkey and dressing at Cracker Barrel? ›

Turkey n' Dressing. Turkey n' Dressing smothered in turkey gravy and served with Sweet Potato Casserole with pecans. Comes with hand-rolled Buttermilk Biscuits or Corn Muffins and real butter.

What will Thanksgiving dinner cost in 2022? ›

The average total price, which includes a 16-pound turkey and other common items found on a holiday dinner table, is $66.39, about a 26% increase over last year's price of $52.59.

How much will a thanksgiving meal cost in 2022? ›

So what's the average cost of a classic Thanksgiving feast for 10 people in 2022? According to the survey, $64.05, a 20% increase in price from the 2021 average of $53.31. That works out to about $6.50 per person.

How much will people spend on Thanksgiving 2022? ›

In 2022, 25 percent of consumers in the United States were planning to spend between 100 to 149 U.S. dollars for Thanksgiving. According to the survey, only about a quarter of consumers were expecting to more than 150 U.S. dollars.

Does Cracker Barrel have meat in their gravy? ›

Sawmill Gravy seasoned and cooked with pork flavors, salt and black pepper.

What comes in the Costco Thanksgiving dinner? ›

Let Costco Cook Thanksgiving Dinner (Just $3.99 per lb) | Includes Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes & More.

Is Cracker Barrel busy on Thanksgiving morning? ›

This was the Cracker Barrel in Troutville VA in November 2021. And wow, the parking lot at Cracker Barrel was pretty full! Apparently Cracker Barrel is very busy on Thanksgiving all across the country! Cracker Barrel even says that Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for them!

Is Cracker Barrel busy on Thanksgiving? ›

"Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for our restaurants and we expect we'll serve about 1.4 million meals over the nine day Thanksgiving holiday season," said Bill Kintzler , Cracker Barrel Old Country Store executive chef.

Does Cracker Barrel sell pies for Thanksgiving? ›

The best part about Thanksgiving is sitting down to a large meal, and diving in. Cracker Barrel is making getting to that part of the holiday even easier, with fully prepared Heat n' Serve Meals and Homestyle Holiday Pies now available for pre-orders.

What Thanksgiving side dishes can be made ahead of time? ›

50+ Thanksgiving Side Dishes You Can Make Ahead of Time
  • Stuffing.
  • Potatoes.
  • Cranberry Sauce and Gravy.
  • Vegetable Sides.
  • Casseroles.
  • Rolls, Biscuits, and Bread.
Sep 30, 2022

Can I prepare Thanksgiving dishes ahead of time? ›

You can plan everything in advance, from the turkey to the sides. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that planning ahead is the key to a successful Thanksgiving menu. And the fact that there are so many make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes is one of the reasons Ree Drummond loves this holiday so much.

How much turkey per person? ›

The general rule of thumb is 1–1½ pounds turkey per person.

If that seems like a lot, remember that a whole turkey comes with a lot of parts that don't end up getting eaten.

How far in advance can I shop for Thanksgiving? ›

Now is also time to start shopping. “The sooner you can do your shopping, the better,” said Abdoo. “Anything frozen or shelf-stable, I make sure to buy at least two weeks before Thanksgiving.”

What is the best time to serve Thanksgiving? ›

5 to 6 p.m.: This early dinner time frame is what I grew up with. Naturally, this gives the cooks plenty of time to be in the kitchen and even — gasp! — socialize a bit.

When should I start buying Thanksgiving food? ›

The weekend before Thanksgiving is the start of game time. Start buying your fresh ingredients, especially what you'll need to prepare the side dishes you start preparing two to three days out. It's also when a lot of people start shopping, so brace yourself.

How much food do I need for 20 people for Thanksgiving? ›

If you're expecting a large crowd, you'll need to make sure you have enough food to feed everyone. A good rule of thumb is to plan on 1-1/2 pounds of turkey per person and 1/2 pound of side dishes per person.

How much should I spend on Thanksgiving dinner? ›

Average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. 1990-2022

In 2022, the average price for a complete Thanksgiving feast in the U.S. amounted to 64.05 U.S. dollars.

How can you save money on Thanksgiving dinner even on a tight budget? ›

How To Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner — Even on a Tight Budget
  1. Make It a Potluck. ...
  2. Make a List and Stick To It. ...
  3. Start Shopping for Ingredients Early. ...
  4. Compare Prices From Your Top 3 Grocery Stores. ...
  5. Buy Certain Items in Bulk. ...
  6. Swap Green Beans for Squash. ...
  7. Buy Frozen and/or Canned Veggies — They're Just as Nutritious!
Nov 23, 2022

How much is the Cracker Barrel turkey? ›

Thanksgiving Heat n' Serve Family Dinner ($95) — comes chilled and ready to heat, serves four to six people. Thanksgiving Heat n' Serve Feast ($145) — a complete Thanksgiving meal chilled and ready to eat that serves eight to 10 people.

Does Cracker Barrel still serve turkey on Thursdays? ›

Turkey n' Dressing. Turkey n' Dressing in turkey gravy and served with Sweet Potato Casserole with pecans. Comes with choice of Country Side and hand-rolled Buttermilk Biscuits or Corn Muffins.

What is in Cracker Barrel turkey gravy? ›

Ingredients. Maltodextrin, Food Starch-modified, Salt, Enriched Bleached Flour (wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Malted Barley Flour), Sugar, Yeast Extract.

How much does the average turkey dinner cost? ›

Spending time with family and friends at Thanksgiving remains important for many Americans and this year the cost of the meal is also top of mind. Farm Bureau's 37th annual survey provides a snapshot of the average cost of this year's classic Thanksgiving feast for 10, which is $64.05 or less than $6.50 per person.

How much money does the average person spend on Thanksgiving? ›

Personal Capital reports that 28% of people estimated they will spend up to $100 on Thanksgiving this year, while 57% said they'll spend between $101 and $200. And 15% of people expect to spend more than $200 on a Thanksgiving meal. If even the lowest of these figures seems high to you, though, don't sweat it.

How much is a Publix prepared Thanksgiving dinner? ›

You'll pay $55 – $100 for a Publix Thanksgiving dinner — about $5.50 per serving. The size of dinner you purchase will determine your cost. In 2021 the large dinner was $99.99.

How much does stuffing cost for Thanksgiving? ›

That year, the average price of a 16-pound turkey amounted to 28.96 U.S. dollars.
CharacteristicAverage price in U.S. dollars
Cubed bread stuffing, 12 oz.3.88
Milk, 1 gallon3.84
Rolls. 12 pcs.3.73
9-inch pie shells, 2 pcs.3.68
9 more rows
Nov 16, 2022

Will Thanksgiving be more expensive this year? ›

Your Thanksgiving dinner will be pricier this year. One survey, by the American Farm Bureau Federation, found a Thanksgiving feast for 10 costs an average of 20% more than last year.

How much is a Big Mac meal in turkey lira? ›

About 12 Turkish Lira for a Big Mac Menu (meal) including french fries and drink. With wonderful Turkish food if you really get hungry for "American" fast food I suggest Burger King.

How much money does the average American spend on Thanksgiving dinner? ›

The survey goes on to report that “12.6% of adults expect to spend $501 to $1,000; 8.4% expected to spend $1,001 to $1,500; 5.1% expected to spend $1,501 to $2,000, and 2.6% expected to spend $2,000 or more.”

Do Americans prefer the white meat or the dark meat of the turkey? ›

According to the National Turkey Federation, most Americans prefer white meat to dark meat, while other countries prefer the dark meat.

What is the difference between sawmill gravy and brown gravy Cracker Barrel? ›

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SAWMILL GRAVY AND BROWN GRAVY? Make sawmill gravy with milk, flour and meat drippings or pieces (like pork). You make Brown gravy with meat drippings, stock and usually a small amount of flour or corn starch to thicken.

Does Cracker Barrel make food from scratch? ›

That's why we hand roll our biscuits and make our mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch all day long in each of our restaurants. It's why we slow roast our beef for 18 hours, dip and bread our Sunday Homestyle Chicken ® by hand, and stay true to our heritage of authentic country style cooking after all these years.

What is in Cracker Barrel brown gravy? ›

Food Starch-modified, Maltodextrin, Salt, Enriched Bleached Flour (wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Malted Barley Flour), Sugar, Yeast Extract, Caramel Color, Contains 2% Or Less Of The Following: Beef Extract, Tomato Powder, Minced Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Natural Flavor ...

How much is the Thanksgiving feast at Cracker Barrel? ›

Cost: $89.99

Orders must be placed for Thanksgiving pickup for Nov. 21-22 to receive a $5 bonus card for a Thanksgiving Dinner or a $10 bonus card for a Thanksgiving Feast.

What is included in the Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving meal? ›

Guests who wish to gather around Cracker Barrel's roaring fireplace to create memories with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day can enjoy a traditional Homestyle Turkey n' Dressing Meal, complete with roasted turkey breast, cornbread dressing and gravy, country green beans, sweet potato casserole topped with pecans, ...

What all do you get with Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner? ›

The Thanksgiving family dinner serves 4 to 6 people and includes turkey, gravy, sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, cranberry relish, choice of side and sweet yeast rolls.

What day of the week does Cracker Barrel serve turkey and dressing? ›

Turkey n' Dressing. Turkey n' Dressing smothered in turkey gravy and served with Sweet Potato Casserole with pecans. Comes with hand-rolled Buttermilk Biscuits or Corn Muffins and real butter.

What day is turkey the special at Cracker Barrel? ›

Thursdays – Turkey N' Dressing. Fridays – Fish Fry. Saturday – Country Fried Pork Chops. Sunday, Pot Roast Supper.

What are traditional Thanksgiving gifts to bring? ›

Wine or a side dish are always appreciated (and maybe expected), but these gifts are a thoughtful touch. From gift baskets and wine accessories to specialty oils and vinegars, any host will appreciate this selection of gifts. Looking for more inspiration this holiday season?

Does Cracker Barrel pay time and a half on Thanksgiving? ›

They do not offer double time on holidays.

How much is the homestyle turkey and dressing meal at Cracker Barrel? ›

The meal will be available for $14.99 to eat there or take out starting at 11 a.m.

How many people do Cracker Barrel family meals feed? ›

The menu says each Cracker Barrel family meal basket should feed five people. The best deal is All-Day Pancake Breakfast and the worst, Chicken n' Dumplins. Curbside, pickup, or delivery ($15 min.

What day is chicken and dressing at Cracker Barrel? ›

Make your Monday special, with our Baked Chicken n' Dressing lunch special. Arlene Coury and 21,511 others like this. Love Cracker Barrel!

What is the number 1 pie eaten at Thanksgiving? ›

Not surprisingly, pumpkin pie is America's top choice.

What is the number one pie for Thanksgiving? ›

Pumpkin pie is Americans' top choice for a Thanksgiving pie — with pecan pie, apple pie, and sweet potato pie right behind it.

How far in advance can you buy pies for Thanksgiving? ›

When should you buy your Thanksgiving pies? Pies that require refrigeration, like pumpkin and pecan, should be bought at most 2-3 days before Thanksgiving. If you're buying a frozen pie, it's best to buy it 1 month in advance and thaw it in the fridge overnight before serving.

What are the top five things people buy for Thanksgiving? ›

And buy extra, so you can use it all year long."
And look, we made a shopping list for you!
  1. POTATOES. You can never have too many potatoes! ...
  3. PIE CRUST. ...
  4. TURKEY. ...
  5. HAM. ...
Oct 21, 2020

What should you not forget for Thanksgiving? ›

Take a Second Look at Your Thanksgiving Shopping List
  • Cranberries.
  • Fragrant spices.
  • Napkins.
  • Beverages.
  • Pumpkin pie spices.
Nov 19, 2021

What can you not bring to Thanksgiving? ›

Bring your tacky sweater and your signature stuffing, but at all costs avoid the following:
  • A date with their 1 day AA chip.
  • A MAGA hat/I'm with Her shirt. ...
  • Side dishes that involve Jell-O and/or marshmallows.
  • Anything you hit with your car the previous weekend.
  • Your pet iguana Darlene.
Nov 20, 2018


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