Navy Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas (Home Tour) (2023)

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IN THIS ARTICLE:Find beautiful Christmas decor ideas and inspiration in navy blue (accented with shiny silver), including my navy blue and silver Christmas tree that was recently featured in Women's Day magazine, as well as my fireplace decorated with green and silver accents, blue marine and much more.

norteavy blue christmas decorationIt's been in my head for a few years. And finally I decided to use it as the main color in this year's Christmas decor. And can I tell you? I love it! To keep things festive and bright, I accented the navy blue with silver. I'm not sure I loved our Christmas decor any more than this year.

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Navy Christmas Decoration: Home Tour

My Navy Blue Christmas Decor Home Tour is featured as part of theCanadian Bloggers Home Christmas Tour. Thanks to Christina (DIY Mommy) and Shannon (AKA Design) for organizing the tour again this year.

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At the end of this post you can find links to all the other talented Canadian bloggers on tour. It's a great way to get beautiful Christmas decor ideas for your own home in addition to this navy blue Christmas decor inspiration!

How I Changed My Christmas Color to Navy Blue

I love changing things up in my Christmas decor every year, experimenting with new color schemes. However, I had never worn a navy blue and silver Christmas decoration before.

People often ask me if it is expensive to change the colors of our Christmas tree every year. The truth is, it's not that forgiving. That's because 90% of the decorations I use are the same every year.

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You see, most of our finishes are simple, neutral and glossy. The part that creates the real magic each year is relatively inexpensive. I usually just buy a few new rolls of colored tape and maybe a box or two of solid colored glass balls when I want to change up my color scheme. For example, the navy blue Christmas decoration you see on the tree this year is actually just 4 rolls of new ribbon and some new navy blue accents.

Why I Love Navy Christmas Decor

I knew it was a great decision to use navy blue Christmas decor as soon as I started decorating with it. My heart rate may have sped up a bit when the tape was placed on our tree. (I know, I need to get out more lol.)

My favorite thing about this year's navy Christmas decor scheme is that it feels neutral. I tend to quickly get bored of my Christmas decorations when they are too bright and colorful. Navy blue is a bold color, but it still goes beautifully with my silver and glass embellishments. It's not impressive, but it does provide enough contrast to keep the look interesting.

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I also love navy blue as a Christmas decor color because it looks heavy and traditional. Navy blue has a very regal, solid quality that looks perfect on a Christmas tree.

Our navy blue and silver Christmas tree

You may have noticed that I LOVE mixing styles when decorating a Christmas tree. This navy blue Christmas tree is no different! It is packed with glamorous embellishments mixed with navy blue Christmas decor. But to keep things interesting I also added some rustic and rustic elements.

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Pssst… Want to know how to professionally decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon? Click below to find my easy step by step tutorial!


For example, I mixed the sparkly navy blue Christmas decor and ribbon with a burlap ribbon that has a little bit of sparkle. I also tied a navy blue and white gingham ribbon to the ends of some branches. I even added some galvanized metal buckets and I love how fun they look against my glass ornaments. All this makes the tree look a little less serious!

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One of the things I like to do is place some cozy items at the base of my Christmas tree until Santa Claus arrives with the presents. This year, I added a cozy navy blue throw, some mohair throw pillows, and some pretty boxes with navy blue ribbon. It just helps fill all that empty space.

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I am so excited with how the tree turned out with the navy blue Christmas ornaments. I casually topped it off with a bunch of 'icy' twigs. I tried to leave them hanging from the tree in the same way that tree branches would look after a snow or ice storm in winter (which we see a lot around here lol).

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Want to know what goes first on a Christmas tree, the ribbon or the decorations? Click below to find my step-by-step instructions for the best order to decorate a Christmas tree:


WHAT GOES FIRST ON THE CHRISTMAS TREE? (The best request to decorate your Christmas tree) Yes! Take me to the tutorial >>

Navy blue and silver Christmas shelf

I also brought up the theme of silver and navy Christmas decor for our living room fireplace. Our house is open concept, so I like it when all my holiday decor matches. It just makes everything feel more fluid.

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The cable sweater garland that hangs over the fireplace was a DIY project. You might have picked it up on my Instagram stories last week. It was so easy.

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The fireplace is decorated with layers of greenery, birch trunks, cream-colored leaves, pine cones and blueberries. Sparkling navy blue ribbon helps add a little magic to the rustic fireplace elements.

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Other details in navy blue

I tried to keep things simple this year so I just added a few more touches to the family room. These cute nutcrackers are sitting on the coffee table. I already had the silver one in my Christmas stash, but I was lucky enough to find a navy blue one at Pier One.

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Navy Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas (Home Tour) (14)

On my dining room table, I also kept things super simple. In keeping with the Christmas navy theme, I simply tied a pretty navy blue bow around one of my large glass hurricanes and filled the other with frosty gems. I'm still working on adding a little holiday cheer to the rest of my kitchen and look forward to sharing a post about that next week.

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get the look

Want the same look as my Navy Christmas tour? I've curated a collection of products that will do just that, and I've shared all of the sources for purchasing in my Christmas decorations store. Click below to take you there!

If you enjoyed this home tour, please consider sharing the love by pinning it to Pinterest for others to find:

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Are you looking for ideas to decorate the Christmas tree?

In addition to my navy blue and silver Christmas tree found in this post, here are some of my favorite Christmas tree decorating posts with different color schemes.

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Have a fabulous weekend.

carrie ho

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